CINÆSTHESIE. Translating Animation is an artistic research project. The animated short film Intro, in which audio description and extended subtitles are integrated into the film, forms the center.

Audio description is used to translate visual phenomena into text, sound and music to make them accessible to blind and visually impaired audiences. Often, audio description is done after work on the film has already been completed. At CINÆSTHESIE. Translating Animation it is an elementary component of design and production.

On the next pages you listen to an audio program that gives insight into the production process and provides information about audio description, accessible animation and cinæsthetic translation work. In addition, the team introduces itself and there is a teaser for the film.

The project CINÆSTHESIE. Translating Animation is funded by the FFA and the Institute for Artistic Research of Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

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